Neighbors concerned about access at polling place

DOT says construction will not prevent voters from casting ballots
Neighbors concerned about access at polling place

A Wisconsin Department of Transportation spokesperson said voters will be able to access a polling place surrounded by Verona Road construction by Election Day.

Right now, the work on the Verona Road frontage road is blocking three of four driveways into a polling place near Allied Drive.

“Ten days out, the construction was still looking a little bit intimidating to be able to have access to the polling place,” District 10 Alderman Maurice Cheeks said.

Cheeks said neighbors started to bring accessibility concerns to him this past weekend. He visited the building in the 4700 block of Verona Road and realized something had to be done before people started casting ballots on Tuesday.

The concerns were voiced to the city clerk, and then passed along to the DOT.

DOT Construction Project Manager Chris Frederick said maintaining access to buildings during construction is a contractual obligation for the department. He said the Verona Road project is progressing every day, and with that progress, Frederick said all of the driveways should be open in time for Election Day.

“The road is still going to be under construction, but we are committed that the driveways will be open,” Frederick said. “We are working with the city of Madison to have some increased voting signs to help direct people around there.”

“I’m glad that they feel confident, and I will be keeping a really close eye on it over the weekend,” Cheeks said.

Frederick stressed the best way to be prepared for changes in the Verona Road construction is to stay informed. You can sign up for updates online.