Nearly $100,000 raised for Southwest Wisconsin’s homeless veterans

WINDSOR, Wis. – Chad Alder was once a homeless veteran. Over the last eight years, he’s raised nearly $100,000 for Southern Wisconsin’s homeless veterans at an annual event at Rodeside Grill in Windsor.

“I started this back in 2015 with just a thought of wanting to raise $500 over the lunch hour as a server here at the time,” Alder said. “I was going to use my tips to feed homeless vets for Thanksgiving.” 

Fundraising through all types of auctions, cash donations, and merch sales, they and the restaurant raise money for local nonprofits that provide resources for homeless veterans. 

“These organizations, we all have the same mission, take care of veterans, one way or another,” Alder said. “Because I don’t have the kinds of resources these bigger organizations have, I’m basically helping them do the fundraising.”

Despite his accomplishments, he won’t take any of the credit. 

“I tell everyone every year, man, I had an idea, I came to the owner with the idea, he gave me the green light,” Alder said. “It’s because of all of you, the people who have donated, I had an idea, it’s them that made it the success.” 

As he picked his life up, he brought fellow struggling veterans with him.

“We’ve got this saying, I’ve got your six, never leave a man behind,” he said. “Now that I’m in a position where I’m good with my life and I can do something to help out another fellow veteran, I’m going to do it, in any way possible.”