Nativity Scene To Be Displayed At State Capitol

A pro-family group is expected to set up a Nativity scene at the state Capitol Rotunda next week.

The Wisconsin Family Action applied for a permit through the state Department of Administration. A scripture from the Bible will be displayed along with the Nativity scene.

Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling said she believes people should be able to express their views as long as those views aren’t offensive.

?The Capitol isn’t for one group expressing one message and at the Christmas time. It’s an opportunity for groups like ours to proclaim a message that we believe and know it’s the truth about this holiday that we observe,? Appling said.

However, Annie Laurie Gaylor, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said the Capitol is not a place for this display.

?We just don’t think the Nativity scene belongs in the state Capitol. The seat of state government and everybody should feel welcome and it just feels like the Christians are claiming the Capitol.” she said.

Gaylor said her group also plans to display its own version of Nativity scene.

The Wisconsin Family Action display will be available starting Sunday and will go through the end of the year, Appling said.