News 3 Now Presents: Names Behind the Numbers

MADISON, Wis. — The last nine months have generated a flurry of numbers: more than 450,000 COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin alone, thousands of people hospitalized, and — the most sobering number — more than 4,400 deaths.

News 3 Now has compiled and shared those statistics with viewers and readers daily to keep them informed of the most significant health crisis of our time.  This week, the station went behind the numbers, hearing directly from the people who are part of those figures.

There are stories of immense pain, including a woman who lost her mother to the virus.  Her father’s last image of his wife was being wheeled past her ICU room on the way out of the hospital.

There are stories of lingering issues, such as a husband and wife who had very different severity levels.  He barely got sick, while the wife spent 66 days in the hospital and now needs an oxygen tank at home.

There are stories of hope and recovery.  News 3 Now Chief Meteorologist Gary Cannalte returned to the airwaves several weeks after getting seriously ill from the coronavirus.  He shares his experience and warning for all.

Those stories and more are included in News 3 Now Presents: Names Behind the Numbers.