Name Change Awareness

"Gilda's Club" doesn't say it anymore.
Name Change Awareness



There is always some risk in changing an organization’s name, especially when that organization is as deeply rooted in a particular name as Gilda’s Club. But in this case we get it, and we support it, and we believe more people will be served as a result of the name change.

For as much as the original supporters of Gilda’s Club believed in and valued the connection to the late comedian Gilda Radner, who died of cancer in the late 80’s, too many people are unaware of Radner or her connection to cancer. As a result they may not seek the services Gilda’s Club was created to provide, and has provided well, and that’s a shame.

So the newly named Cancer Support Community makes sense and should make the support and education and wellness activities available to more cancer patients and their families. And that’s a wonderful tribute to the actress whose legacy will live on in its own right.