‘My Vote Wisconsin’ website experiencing technical issues

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MADISON, Wis. — A state resource website on elections is experiencing technical issues on Election Day.

The “My Vote Wisconsin” website posted it is experiencing issues with its addressing services. This problem also affects polling place and sample ballot look-ups on the site.

The website is run by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. The agency recommends using its backup service website, while the problem is fixed.

Wisconsin Elections Commission’s public information officer Reid Magney said in a phone interview, ” We haven’t seen any indication that there’s anything suspicious going on. We are still in the process of diagnosing the problem and figuring out a solution to it. When we know more, we will be happy to tell you everything we’ve learned.”

Magney said elections commission staff first noticed the issue around 7:30 a.m. People have been calling and emailing to report the problem. Magney said this is a low-turnout election and that only about 12% of the population turns out to vote. He added most of the people voting are regular voters who already know where their polling location is.

Anyone who wants to know where they should vote can call their local clerk directly, according to the Madison City Clerk’s Office.

If you are a Madison resident, you can also click on this link to find your polling place.