My Vote Wisconsin address lookup feature now working, after fixing internal glitch

Wisconsin Elections Commission says it was an internal server memory issue

MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Elections Commission worked all day to fix a glitch with the address lookup feature on its website during the spring primary elections.

According to its website, “The MyVote Wisconsin website’s address lookup feature is working again, but there may be some delays. WEC technical staff identified a server’s memory issue was the cause of the problem and are working to restore the system to full capacity.”

The website states the fix required decommissioning a server that affects the user capacity on the site.

During a time when technology has raised questions for the election cycle, the website states, “This was purely an internal, technical glitch, not the result of interference or the lack of testing protocols.”

WEC still encourages voters to use an alternate website listed on its page to find the correct polling place and ballot information.

If you need to check your voter registration status, use