MWU: Freezing laterals continue to be issue despite warmer weather

Residents will be notified when they can stop running water, officials say
Madison Water Utility

Madison Water Utility officials would like to remind residents that warmer weather does not mean the risk of water laterals freezing is over.

The frost line in Madison remains at least 6 feet deep despite the warm weather, and is still causing problems throughout the city with water laterals, according to a release.

MWU has directed more than 400 people living in areas at high risk for freezing to continuously run their water until further notice, officials said.

According to the statement, if MWU has directed you to run your water, they are asking that you continue to do so even if it’s warm outside.

MWU officials said they will notify residents when the frost line has receded to a safe depth.

Since last Monday, MWU crews have thawed more than 100 frozen service laterals, and calls continue to come in, according to the release.

Officials remind residents that only customers who have been told by MWU to run their water will receive a billing credit for excess water used.