MWU: 2 water wells with slightly high radium levels to be retested

Madison Water Utility billing, water usage tracking site down since March

Madison Water Utility crews will be testing two wells this week after recent test results showed levels of radium slightly exceeding the federal maximum contaminant level, according to a release.

The radium level in Well 19 on Lake Mendota Drive was 5.3 picocuries per liter and Well 27 on North Randall Avenue had a radium level of 5.7 picocuries per liter, officials said. The federal MCL for radium is 5 picocuries per liter.

This is the second time wells in the Madison system have shown radium levels above MCL, according to the release.

“While the results are a concern, the element does naturally occur in the deepest parts of Madison’s aquifer and occasional spikes in test results are not uncommon,” the release said.

MWU crews will retest the wells to ensure radium levels have dropped.