Museum hosts free health and child development screenings

Museum hosts free health and child development screenings

The Madison Children’s Museum is designed to foster positive child development. Wednesday it welcomed community organizations with the same goals.

The Madison Area Early Childhood Council hosted its third annual resource fair at the museum.

Children 5 years old and younger could receive free developmental screenings from 4C Helping Communities Help Communities.

“Not everybody has access to services like this,” said Andrea Riley of 4C. “We want to provide a family friendly event that draws people in and connects them with services they might not know about otherwise.”

The screening, called the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, assesses whether children need to be connected to resources to help prepare them to enter public schools.

The assessment is available online for free at

The Madison Early Childhood Council was formed six years ago to serve the 1,800 homeless children in the Madison Metropolitan School District. Now it has expanded its resources to help low-income families as well.

The resource fair also featured eyesight screenings from the Lion’s Club and free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The Madison Children’s Museum hosted the fair as part of its Access for Everyone program, which offers low-rate memberships, subsidized field trips and its recurring free Family Night the first Wednesday of the month.

Sandra Bonnici, the museum’s associate director of education, diversity and inclusion, said the museum is critical to child development and should be available to all families.

“What we do here isn’t just play,” Bonnici said. “Play is a child’s work – it’s how they learn fine motor skills so eventually they develop language skills.”

The museum is holding a fundraiser to support its affordable programming through April 15. Guests can make a donation online or at the front desk.

Roman Candle restaurant is also accepting donations from April 5 through April 15 and matching money raised on April 10 and April 12.