Mt. Horeb utilities crews temporarily fix issue responsible for repeat power outages


MT. HOREB, Wis. — Mt. Horeb officials believe they’re close to fixing a recurring power outage issue within the village’s utility system.

Over the past several weeks, some residents have experienced power outages, the most recent of which happened on Sunday, according to a village notice.

Nick Owen, Mt. Horeb’s village administrator who oversees utilities, said one of the first of the outages was caused by a squirrel while others were caused by a transformer issue at a substation. The substation has since been temporarily repaired, but there’s a chance for service interruption during the full repair process.

According to the village’s chamber of commerce, the power outages happened after regular business hours but impacted most of the area. Village officials said they were handled relatively quickly. No businesses reached out with concerns, according to a statement.

Jessica Jackson — the owner of Icki Sticki, an ice cream and shaved ice shop — said the power was luckily back on before she lost any product, but waiting for it to return was nerve-wracking.

Residents can report future power outages, downed power lines and other problems by calling 608-437-3084.