Mt. Horeb students want voices heard, safer schools

Mt. Horeb students want voices heard, safer schools

Hundreds of Mt. Horeb students joined others across the country in National School Walkout Day to remember the lives lost in the Parkland school shooting and to demand stricter gun laws.

At 10 a.m., Mt. Horeb high schoolers walked out of class and filled the bleachers near the football field, standing with Parkland high school students and standing up for themselves. They had the support of school administrators, teachers, parents and the Mt. Horeb community.

The students started the rally by reading the names of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School one month ago.

Students said adults and lawmakers have failed them, and this rally was to call on those lawmakers to enact change.

“I just thought enough was enough. It was kind of a last straw thing, especially because we have this idea that it won’t happen to us,” Alyssa Austin, Mt. Horeb senior and rally organizer, said.

“Seeing students who went through that and are now talking to lawmakers and planning the march on Washington, it just inspired me so much that you can go through something like that and turn around and really make something good out of it,” Delany Zimmer, Mt. Horeb senior and rally organizer, said.

Austin and Zimmer said they felt empowered seeing the support they had from their school and community. They said now is the time to start the discussion on school safety.

Rep. Sondy Pope attended the rally and told students she heard them and is willing to work with them.

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