MPD: Scammers call 80-year-old, claiming to be grandson

Wisconsin looks to improve emergency communications network

Madison police are warning residents of a scam targeting grandparents that has been reported in the area.

An 80-year-old west side resident got a call last week from someone claiming to be her grandson, officials said. The person claiming to be her grandson passed the phone to a guy claiming to be an Alaska police officer.

The callers told the woman her grandson was in a car crash in Alaska and narcotics were found in his vehicle, according to a release. The caller also said the driver in the other car died.

The Madison woman was told to keep the information quiet because her grandson didn’t want other relatives to know about the incident.

The caller told the woman she needed to send $9,000 to bail out her grandson and clear up the legal issues, according to the release.

When the Madison woman said she did not have the money, the caller hung up.