MPD estimates 50K people attended Freakfest, 35K bought tickets

Police: Thousands inside gated area before official event started Saturday
MPD estimates 50K people attended Freakfest, 35K bought tickets

Madison police estimate the amount of people who attended last weekend’s Freakfest to be 15,000 higher than actual ticket sales, according to a release.

Ticket sales were estimated at around 35,000, but the Madison Police Department estimated the true number of people on State Street from the Capitol down to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus was closer to 50,000.

Thousands of people were inside the soon-to-be gated area before the official Freakfest event started, police said.

“At the crowd’s peak, one sergeant commented that officers were feeling their ranks to be very thin compared to the large volume of people in the streets,” the release said.

MPD officials were pleased with the behavior of the vast majority of Freakfest attendees, but the sheer number of people created some concern for police crews.

According to the release, two people were arrested and taken to jail, and 44 others were cited and released.

Most citations were alcohol-related, and 11 people were transported to the Dane County detox center, authorities said. Officers also helped two people who were found actively vomiting and unconscious enough to not be able to make sure they were able to keep breathing.

As organizers look forward to next year’s Freakfest, they plan on keeping the same number of officers assigned to the event because next year’s event also falls on Halloween and a home Badgers football game.