MPD drops naloxone provider over mark-up accusations

Police to see alternative provider

The Madison Police Department is scrapping its relationship with its naloxone provider, citing accusations of the company marking-up prices.

Evzio manufactures naloxone, which has been credited with saving the lives of those suffering from heroin overdoses.

A statement from the MPD said, “In light of recent news accounts that [Evzio] has been found to be engaging in a business model mark-up of alarming proportions to families and friends who have come to rely on this drug as a means of saving a loved one from an overdose, we are no longer continuing our relationship with Evzio and will be seeking other manufacturers.”

Evzio has provided MPD with naloxone for the last two years.

Evzio is under fire for raising the price of the Naloxone autoinjector from $690 to $4,500 in two years.