MPD: Bullet enters windshield, nearly hits driver following shooting on Madison’s east side

Madison police

MADISON, Wis. — Madison police found several shell casings following a shooting on the city’s east side Friday night.

According to the incident report, multiple callers reported two vehicles driving westbound on Milwaukee Street at North Stoughton Road that were shooting at one another.

Police arrived at around 7:30 p.m. and found three different areas along Milwaukee Street to East Washington Avenue where shell casings were recovered.

The report said a business that was open and occupied at a nearby intersection had been hit by a bullet.

An uninvolved vehicle that was near the incident had also been shot at. Officials said the bullet entered the front windshield and was roughly two inches from hitting the driver. No injuries were reported.

Those with information on the shooting are encouraged to call Madison Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.