Moving reminders ahead of campus move out

State Street

MADISON, Wis.–  Be safe and smart ahead of the move out weekend when most leases on the Isthmus end Saturday.

The days between Aug. 14 and 16 are colloquially referred to as “Hippie Christmas,” because of the free stuff laid out on curbs downtown.

Best practices for the weekend as laid out by the City of Madison are as follows:

Do not throw away technology like televisions, printers, batteries and computers. These items must be donated or brought to a city drop off site.

Trash will be collected regularly. Trash should be placed inside tan carts that are on the curb and easily accessible for garbage trucks to access.

They city will pick up larger items like couches and mattresses for no fee this weekend. Those items can be placed on the curb. Do not pile any other trash or discarded items on the curb.

It will be a busy weekend on the streets so drive safe.