Moving forward from the election – together or not

Moving forward from the election – together or not

If there ever really was a time when an election determined that a state or a nation was “moving forward” or “moving backward,” that time no longer exists.

While politicians still like to employ the easy to absorb but hard to understand rhetoric of progress or regress the fact is the times we live in make such distinctions irrelevant.

As convincing as the Republican landslide in America was last night its place in history is shared with a period of unprecedented rights for same-sex couples, legalization of marijuana, growth in cities, scientific knowledge especially in terms of our environment, and even, changes in institutions like the Catholic Church.

The question, in the wake of Tuesday’s election, is do we move inevitably forward together, despite our political, ideological divisions, or do we move forward separately, in like-minded groups, convinced of our ability to go it alone.

We know this: it’ll be easier if we can do some this together, in a spirit of helping each other find areas where we agree. Because we are, as a world, moving forward – together or not.