Mount Horeb takes part in day of action for transgender youth

Mount Horeb takes part in day of action for transgender youth

From Washington, D.C. to a suburb of Dane County, many communities took part in a national day of action hosted by the Human Rights Campaign in support of transgender youth.

As part of the event, residents of Mount Horeb gathered at the Old School House to read “I am Jazz,” a children’s book that deals with transgender issues.

The person reading the book was Sarah, a mom of two who doesn’t want to release her last name to protect her child. Her daughter recently came out to the community as transgender.

“He was always drawn to typical girl things, girl TV shows, which we thought was a phase,” Sarah said.

However, it wasn’t a phase. After a visit with the Mount Horeb psychologist, they determined her child was transgender.

“We had to make the decision, and we decided to go through with the transition,” she said.

With the transition came a transformation of her daughter’s well-being.

“She was a very shy, withdrawn, very quiet, timid little boy and now we have his happy, sassy girl,” Sarah said.

Sarah is now taking the message of positivity out to the community, hoping that each event and reading of “I Am Jazz” can help educate the public.

“My daughter was meant to be on this earth to help everyone understand and help other people in the same situation know that they’re not alone,” she said.

News 3 reported that a conservative group threatened to sue the Mount Horeb school district after educators tried reading the book last November. The lawsuit never happened, and the district is planning on reading the book in certain groups next year.