Mount Horeb School District: 7 students out with influenza, cases on the rise

Mount Horeb School District: 7 students out with influenza, cases on the rise

The Mount Horeb School District is dealing with a spread of influenza cases among its students, and officials are asking parents to keep kids home if they’re showing symptoms.

The district’s superintendent, Dr. Steve Salerno, said seven high school students are currently out with the flu. The district has been dealing with cases over the past month.

“It’s to be expected, but we’d like it to go away,” Salerno said.

He said the number of students affected isn’t the only thing that’s alarming.

“We’ve seen with this latest round that there not only has been an issue with the number of kids, but the duration with which they’re absent has been a little bit longer than normal,” Salerno said.

Influenza isn’t just hitting inside the Mount Horeb limits. Pediatrician Dr. Alicia Plummer said it’s become a county-wide illness.

“We’ve seen an increase in our number of sick kids coming in, that’s for sure,” Plummer said.

She stresses to parents: keep your kids out of school if they develop symptoms.

“So, headache, cough, congestion, runny nose, body aches,” Plummer said.

High fevers are also a common symptom with influenza. Plummer said have students stay home until those symptoms are all gone.

“With influenza, a lot of people can start to spread it about a day before they actually develop symptoms and then they can continue to spread it for an additional five to seven days after they’ve developed symptoms,” Plummer said.

That will keep the illness from spreading, and eventually, fade away completely.

Plummer also has suggestions to get your child healthier faster, and keep their sickness from spreading to other members of the family.

“(Get) lots of rest. That sometimes worries parents that they just want to sleep, but that’s a good thing. The kids are listening to their bodies. So, lots of rest and lots of fluids,” she said. “(Make sure to) clean those commonly used community kind of items. Not just door knobs, but those in the kitchen, the refrigerator. Even all the electronics that we all use and share, so kids’ iPads and stuff like that.”

Salerno hopes to see an end to the illness soon, and offers any assistance until then.

“We’re very fortunate to have a proactive nursing team here in our district, so they saw the data coming in and thought maybe we should let parents know. A letter was sent out last Friday at the high school letting them know of the trends we were seeing. Also, whatever assistance we can offer ensuring kids’ safety is important to us too,” Salerno said.

The letter sent to parents also alluded to a few other diseases going around the district. Those include pink eye, respiratory virus, norovirus and strep throat.