Motion to override Taco Bell liquor license veto fails

The Taco Bell Cantina on State Street will not be able to serve beer or wine.

A motion to override a veto of the Taco Bell’s liquor license failed Tuesday in Madison Common Couincil.

The Taco Bell Cantina hoped to serve beer and wine alongside the chain restaurant’s full menu. The city’s Alcohol License Review Committee recommended approval of the license in November.

The Madison Common Council voted Dec. 5 to approve the alcohol license for Taco Bell, despite opposition from Mayor Paul Soglin.

Soglin vetoed the liquor license for the Taco Bell on Dec. 11. He said he did not see the value in allocating a liquor license to the restaurant. The Madison Common Council upheld Soglin’s veto on Jan. 2 .

Soglin listed public health and safety concerns as reasons why he is against issuing the license. He said he is opposed to issuing a liquor license to any new establishment in the State Street area.