Motion to ban homeless from loitering around CCB after hours fails

New rules make it illegal for homeless to live outside CCB

A motion before a Madison committee to ban the homeless from loitering around the City-County Building after hours failed Monday night.

The proposal came after complaints from CCB employees who said they want a safe and clean work environment and said the homeless were loitering in the halls after hours.

“It is an atrocity,” downtown resident Rosemary Lee said. “I don’t understand why people don’t do something about it. These people don’t contribute anything to our community. They don’t do anything good.”

The motion that failed 4-4 would have issued a monetary penalty of hundreds of dollars for anyone caught loitering in or around the building after regular business hours.

“Giving people without homes tickets for $600 or $800 doesn’t solve the problem,” homeless advocate Brenda Konkel said.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin wanted the committee to consider the proposal because he said the current policy is failing.