Most area districts get increase in aid; Middleton gets 7th largest cut

DPI: Nearly all districts share in aid reduction to fund charter schools
Most area districts get increase in aid; Middleton gets 7th largest cut

Most area school districts will receive a small increase in general state aid, but the Middleton-Cross Plains School District will get the seventh biggest cut in the state, according to a release.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released the Oct. 15 certified amount each school district will receive from the $4.476 billion available under current law for general state aid.

General state aid for school districts increased by $94.4 million from last year, but the actual amount of aid that the state’s 424 public school districts will receive is $85.5 million more than last school year, according to the release. That is due to statutory reductions to general state aid for private voucher schools in Milwaukee and independent charter schools supported by state tax dollars.

Nearly all districts share an aid reduction of $68.6 million for the 22 independent charter schools in Milwaukee and one in Racine, officials said.

MCPSD will receive at 15.17 percent cut in funding, according to the state aid information released. The Stoughton Area School District will receive a 0.07 percent funding cut.

Districts in the area that will receive a funding increase include Baraboo, 3.59 percent; Wisconsin Dells, 2.02 percent; Madison Metropolitan School District, 4.06 percent; Verona Area School District, 7.64 percent; Monona Grove School District, 7.55 percent; Oregon School District, 3.64 percent; Janesville School District, 3.52 percent; Beloit School District, 4.93 percent; and Sun Prairie Area School District, 8.26 percent.

The Oct. 15 certified aid shows that 52 percent of the state’s public school districts will receive more general state aid this school year than they did in 2013-14, according to the release. Certified amounts may differ from July 1 estimates because they are based on audited school district data from the previous school year.

The certified general aid does not include funding allocated to school districts for categorical aid for various programs or aid for individual students, officials said.