Morning Notes: Art Paul Schlosser


MADISON, Wis. — “The only person who knows Art Paul is Art Paul, if he does,” said friend and fellow musician Charly Rowe. She shared the stage with Art Paul Schlosser at a recent show at the Crucible, a new venue on the Madison’s east side.

Rowe recognizes Schlosser’s status as a Madison icon, taking into consideration he has been performing on State Street for over 40 years. Usually with a crazy hat, a fun tie and his kazoo, Schlosser sells his self-produced CDs outside different music venues and chats with anyone willing to talk. Well-versed in musical styles, he takes requests but usually loves rocking his own songs with lyrics about peanut butter sandwiches, pink pants to purple gorillas on the moon, among other things.

On his newest project, I Wrote the Lyrics, Schlosser asked several local musicians and poets to cover his songs.

But who really is Art Paul?

“He is a mental health advocate, he is a community member, he always brings people together,” Rowe said.

Rowe said Schlosser constantly encourages her and helps her overcome stage fright by leading by example. She says Schlosser is never afraid to take the spotlight and make people laugh.

“Because of my lyrics, people like what I have to say and it and it touches their heart,” Schlosser said.

If you want to see the other side of Schlosser’s art, his paintings are currently showing at the Goodman Center.