Morgridge’s latest gift ‘transformative’ and more

Morgridge’s latest gift ‘transformative’ and more

UW Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank used the word “transformative” to describe the $100 Million gift to the University John and Tashia Morgridge made last week.

We believe she’s right, which says something about not just the size of the gift but its designated use and the 21st century financial model for higher education.

The Morgridge’s generosity to the University and education-related projects in this state they clearly love has been and continues to be extraordinary with gifts in excess of $400 Million. But this latest gift, to support teaching and the recruitment and retention of the best educators in the world through distinguished and endowed chairs and professorships is the kind of private, philanthropic support that is distinguishing which universities can truly compete in a global education market, and those that cannot.

It’s not a given that the UW could consider itself in the former group without gifts like that of John and Tashia Morgridge. And that’s just one reason everyone in this state owes them both our appreciation and gratitude.