More than 60 shell casings found in shooting at Garner Park

MADISON, Wis.–Madison Police Department is investigating a shooting that took place during a celebration of life for Maurice Bowman who was killed in a shooting last week.

Police said a couple hundred people were gathered under a sheltering at the park when multiple suspects open fired into the crowd. Most people began to run in all directions, but officials said they believe some people in the group began to fire back.

Police were monitoring the scene from a distance, because of some noise complaints received earlier in the night. Officers reported hearing gunshots before 911 calls came in, and were on the scene almost instantly.

“Last night officers in the area immediately moved into the park in a tremendously chaotic situation with active gunfire going on in order to locate victims, render air, and apprehend suspects,” Interim Police Chief Vic Wahl said. “As officers moved into the park, they could actually see muzzled flashes inside the park from ongoing gunfire.”

Police recovered three firearms and over 60 shell casings, some belonging to an AK-47 assault rifle, adding to the unprecedented level of gunfire Wahl said the city has seen this year.

“When you have 63 plus rounds being fired, some from an assault rifle, in a neighborhood like this, there’s no doubt that creates a risk to the community,” Wahl said. “If you look at a larger window of incidents that happened over the last month, with the volume of rounds that are being fired into the community, clearly that creates a risk.”

Police said people ran off into nearby neighborhoods, hid in backyards and behind trees to get away from gunfire.

“We had people from this gathering, this celebration running off into these fields. Officers found them hiding in trees, grown men crying, asking for rides home,” Spokesperson Joel DeSpain said.

Three people were shot and two people suffered other injuries. Police arrested two individuals on charges not related to the gunfire.

“The fact that there were no fatalities or not a much higher level of injuries is just something, we’re lucky, we should all be grateful for,” Wahl said.

This is an active and ongoing investigation, and police are asking anyone with information to reach out to the Madison Area Crime Stoppers.