More than 110,000 people in Dane Co. have already voted ahead of Election Day

MADISON, Wis. — A day before Election Day, state data shows more than 110,000 people in Dane County have already submitted their ballots.

The daily absentee voting data report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, which is compiled with data from county clerks across the state, shows a total of 110,836 absentee ballots have been returned so far in Dane County, including 48,264 ballots from people who voted early in-person.

While early in-person voting is now closed in the state, those numbers may change slightly due to lags in local reporting.

The majority of Dane County’s absentee and early in-person vote totals come from the City of Madison, the largest city in the county. The city clerk’s office said Monday morning that 54,684 absentee ballots have been returned so far in Madison, with 23,222 of those being early in-person ballots.


Dane County’s absentee ballot numbers are down compared to the 2020 election, when final reports to the Wisconsin Elections Commission indicate 254,335 absentee ballots were returned in the county, 61,149 of which were early in-person voting absentees.

Voter turnout is also typically higher in presidential elections than in midterm elections. Data from the Dane County Clerk’s Office shows the county had a registered voter turnout of 89.3% in the 2020 election. But midterm turnout in Dane County was also unusually high in 2018 when 88% of registered voters cast a ballot in an election that saw Gov. Tony Evers defeat then-Gov. Scott Walker by a total of 29,227 votes, with Evers getting 74.7% of the vote in Dane County. The 2014 midterms saw a turnout of 72.9% in Dane County.

Dane County’s 2022 absentee voting totals do surpass the last midterm election in 2018 when a total of 87,318 absentee ballots were returned in Dane County. However, the popularity of early voting and absentee voting has also gone up since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020.

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Statewide, data compiled by the Wisconsin Elections Commission shows a total of 719,429 absentee ballots have been returned so far for the 2022 election, including 121,294 in Milwaukee County, 76,241 in Waukesha County, 35,667 in Brown County and 24,320 in Outagamie County.

Four other counties also have more than 20,000 absentee ballots returned, including 23,744 in Racine County, 20,753 in Winnebago County, 20,536 in Kenosha County, and 20,481 in Washington County.

People who were delivered an absentee ballot and have not yet returned it can still hand-deliver it to their polling location on Election Day. State law says absentee ballots cannot be counted until Election Day.