Monticello felon sentenced to 42 months in prison on firearms charge

Jason Morrison/

MADISON, Wis. — A Monticello man was sentenced to 42 months in prison Friday for possession of ammunition as a convicted felon.

According to a news release, Justin Wenger, 38, pleaded guilty on Friday.

The release said Wenger was convicted of felony crimes of burglary and theft of firearms in 2014. He was sentenced to five years in prison to be followed by supervised release and probation.

On Jan. 16, officials said Wenger stole a box of .223 ammunition from a store in Monroe. The ammunition was for an AR15 rifle that he had just purchased for his son. While investigating the theft, investigators searched Wenger’s home and found the ammunition and AR15 as well as seven firearms under his bed and approximately 50 firearms in a safe.

Wenger told officials that the AR15 rifle belonged to his son, and the rest of the firearms belonged to his brother and father.

At sentencing, the judge noted that Wenger had simply disregarded his prohibition on possessing firearms and ammunition.  He said that Wenger posed a danger to society due to his poor decision making, and ordered the federal sentence to run consecutive to a two-year prison term that Wenger was serving based on revocation of his state supervision for his 2014 conviction.