Monroe street heats up with a new spot

Ghost pepper caramels are Megan Hile's signature
Monroe street heats up with a new spot
Photo by Nicole Peaslee

The backstory: You might’ve heard the name Madison Chocolate Co. before, as founder Megan Hile has sold her chocolates since 2012, but the chocolatier just opened a shop off Monroe Street. In the beginning, it was a three-page recipe for pralines in a French cookbook that got Hile hooked on chocolate making. Now she uses that passion to handcraft truffles and confections.

The vibe: Inspired by the brilliant colors of the Pacific Northwest, Hile’s palette for the shop includes bright green, coral, blue, deep purple and golden details. Rich wood is used for wainscoting and a gorgeous sliding door was sourced, finished and hung by Hile’s partner. Violet countertop tables surrounded by mismatched school chairs beckon patrons to take a seat. Nothing seems like it should go together, but it somehow does, perfectly so.

The menu: Truffles are Hile’s specialty and include rotating flavors such as blood orange, lime rum and cheesecake. Hile traveled to Ecuador where she learned about sourcing during a chocolate-making internship. “I really like to let the chocolate flavor shine through,” she says. The shop also has a “Chocolate Library”–a wall of bean-to-bar chocolate from makers whom Hile has either met or worked with.Monroe street heats up with a new spot

The must-try: The ghost pepper caramel has been one of Hile’s claims to fame, and it’s still a must-have. Biting into the dulce de leche shell with a dark-chocolate back gives way to the drippy center–a spicy, salty caramel that has a slow, delicious burn.

The bottom line: “This is it. This is everything I’ve been working on in a long time, so I’m really happy to have the space and that it’s come to fruition,” she says.

729 Glenway St., 286-1154

Andrea Behling is managing editor of Madison Magazine.

Monroe street heats up with a new spot