Monroe Street development may be open by 2019

Monroe Street development may be open by 2019

A mixed-used development on Monroe Street is scheduled to be completed by summer of 2019.

The developer is currently in the public approval process. An information meeting for neighbors was held at Hotel Red Thursday night.

People there did voice concerns. Mainly if the building will keep in concert with the vibe of this area which is mainly small locally owned shops and restaurants. Representatives from the developer, Urban Land, interests said they are trying to keep things local and not-chain focused, while they are also committed to making sure the area doesn’t become far more congested.

“A number of neighbors have written letters of support saying ‘We desperately need some sort of moderate density because people want to live here, people want to shop here, but our businesses and strength of our neighborhood is suffering when there are vacant streets and vacant blocks,'” Anne Morrison, with Urban Land Interests said.

Members of the Quaker Meeting House, who’ve used the Associated Bank parking lot every Sunday for more than 30 years, said they will lose that space with the new development.

“It doesn’t look there will be enough and certainly if there is going to be a restaurant open on Sunday then for sure there won’t be enough,” said Richard Dubielzig, Quaker Meeting House member.

The plan will go to the Urban Design and Planning Commission early next year.

If all goes to plan ground will break the spring of 2018 and be ready to move into by the summer of 2019.