Monroe 5th grade student starts kindness club to make people smile

“Be kind for everyone you met is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
“Be kind to others because you don’t know what they’re going through.”

Those are just a couple of sayings that you can easily find online when it comes to being kind.

My good friend and photojournalist, Kathy King and I were looking forward to shooting this story a few weeks ago. Kids being kind to other kids? Yep, we’re more than happy to share this news and sprinkle it like glitter on a super windy day.

We knew the basic background of this story, but what we didn’t know was how big of a deal this was going to be that day at Northside Elementary in Monroe. Speaking as a parent, I was blown away by these kids, especially the head do-gooder, Jyshon Broitzman. It made me think, “I need to do a better job parenting so my kids are like him.”

Jyshon’s mom, Karen, has made it a habit to lie in bed with him before he goes to sleep to talk, watch videos on her phone — you know, just have that mom and child bonding time. Well, she showed him a video that he insisted on watching over and over and over and over and over again. You get the idea.

It was a group of students in another state who gave a gift to a fellow student who flew under the radar. And the joy of that kind moment was palpable for Jyshon. So much so, he wanted to do something at his school to spread that joy, that kindness, to others.

But in order to that, he would need some help, and not from his mom, but from his peers. It all had to be done quickly, too, because the school year was winding down, and as fifth graders, they’d be moving on to middle school.

With this being a Do Something Good story, you know what to expect. However, spoiler alert, Kathy and I and the other adults who were there that day experienced something we never saw coming. Words fail to fully express what happened, but lucky for all of us, we’ve got video.

Enjoy, be kind and yes, do something good!

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