Monona Terrace features 3 new sculptures

2 sculptures add burst of color at top of rooftop ramps
Monona Terrace features 3 new sculptures
Kenneth Thompson's Steel Inverted Arch

Three new sculptures will be on display at the Monona Terrace until next summer.

Guy Bellaver’s Quarks VI and Quarks VII are at the top of the rooftop ramps providing a burst of color for the viewer, according to a release. The sculptures are based on the artist’s exploration of the relationship of positive to negative space, and the energy of their interaction.

The third new sculpture is Kenneth Thompson’s Steel Inverted Arch that welcomes visitors entering from Olin Terrace, according to the release. The sculpture of steel and limestone concentrates on the fundamental issues of form and how negative space defines it.

Bellaver is a sculptor who uses stone, wood, painted steel and bronze in his pieces, officials said. He has nearly 30 pieces of public art on display around the country.

Thompson has been making sculptures for over 35 years out of a studio in Blissfield, Michigan. In addition to making large scale sculpture, Ken enjoys doing smaller scale work for gallery exhibitions.