Mom meets four children who received her son’s organs

On two-year anniversary, met to celebrate life

On the two-year anniversary of her son’s passing, the mom of the boy met with four out of the five children who received her son’s organs for the first time.

In 2015, Da’Quan Nichols-Cox 14-year-old Milwaukee boy unexpectedly passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident on Nov. 15, and his mom and young siblings ultimately decided to donate his organs.

According to a release, the organs matching with five patients at the hospital was a never-before-seen occurrence at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

The recipients were a 3-year-old Milwaukee girl, Sara, and 6-year-old Johnson Creek boy, Auden, who received parts of the liver, a 4-year-old Big Bend boy, Emmitt, and a 12-year-old Racine girl, Sasha, who received kidneys and a 15-year-old Minnesota boy, Tyler, who received the heart, though he ultimately died due to complications.

The donor’s family met the recipient families for the first time on the two-year anniversary with a Thanksgiving lunch for the families hosted by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and BloodCenter of Wisconsin. This lunch was a way for the two organizations to thank the families for the gift of life they represent.

In total, 200 doctors, nurses and staff came together to help with the entire five-person transplant.Mom meets four children who received her son’s organs