MMSD, UW cancel classes; Parents react to Monday classes

MMSD, UW cancel classes; Parents react to Monday classes
Students arriving at Toki Middle School Monday morning

MMSD, UW cancel classes; Parents react to Monday classes

Madison Metropolitan School District will be closed Tuesday, but students went to school Monday as students in districts throughout southern Wisconsin stayed home because of extreme cold and blowing snow.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison officials have also canceled classes that start before noon on Tuesday. The campus will remain open and all classes that start at noon or later will be held.

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The decision to close Madison schools on Tuesday was made before noon on Monday.

Brian Muckian, the father of student at Toki Middle School, told News 3 Monday morning the decision to stay open is contrary to the decision to close on a cold day earlier in January.

“I don’t know if it’s because they want to not have extra days if they’ve used all their snow days or what the deal is. I think it’s kind of silly,” Muckian said.

“On days like this especially, our schools provide a place that’s warm and safe, it’s a shelter. We serve breakfast and lunch all under the care of our teaching staff, that’s an option that important for many of our families, and we want to keep that option open as much as we can,” said Mike Barry, Madison Metropolitan School District’s assistant superintendent of business services.

Becky Bergum, the mother of students at Toki Middle School said based on the forecast for Tuesday, she thinks the schools should be closed.

“I know they’re in a hard spot trying to have all those days they need to have for the school year so it’s kind of a tough situation,” Bergum said.

“If we’re closed, we closed for the right reasons and if that means we have to make days up later in the school year so be it. But that’s a secondary consideration — health, safety and well-being come first,” Barry said when asked if the school calendar had anything to do with closing schools.