MMSD struggling to provide full lunch service as staffing woes continue

MADISON, Wis. — Madison schools are struggling to provide students with a satisfying lunch, district officials said Tuesday.

In a statement to News 3 Now, Madison Metropolitan School District spokesperson Tim LeMonds said that schools have “experienced limitations in providing staff-prepared lunch options such as fresh salads, pasta, bakery, and grill options during the first couple weeks of school.”

LeMonds said the struggles are due to staffing shortages and supply chain issues. He said the district is actively looking to hire food service workers and that meals served to students still meet nutritional standards.

“We also recognize the importance of producing satisfying meals which meet the expectations of our community,” LeMonds said. “We know satisfying, healthy meals are a crucial component of the school day.”

The statement comes three days after LeMonds said the district had over 250 staffing vacancies, including 130 teaching vacancies. He also said that a delivery from one of the district’s food vendors did not arrive last week, forcing staff to make alternate plans to ensure students were fed.