MMSD releases slideshow with more information for upcoming school year

MMSD release slideshow with updated information on the upcoming school year

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Metropolitan School District shared a slideshow with parents Friday that shared more insights into the district’s plan for the upcoming school year.

According to the slideshow, MMSD teachers will deliver standards-aligned, anti-racist instruction for all students in virtual learning, in-person learning and hybrid model for the upcoming school year.

The school district outlined several strategies on how they plan to offer a more rigorous virtual learning experience for students.

Teachers will use updated data to adjust instruction based off the needs of every student.

Students and families will receive consistent feedback on student progress and set goals for their learning, according to the slideshow.

Officials said social and emotional learning will be especially important for students in an all-virtual environment. Screening to identify students’ social-emotional needs, use of trauma-informed strategies and routine check-ins will be implemented in every classroom throughout each day, the report said.

MMSD said they are working Madison School and Community Recreation to finalize community childcare guidelines for families.

Officials also stated that students should not commingle, even when participating in out-of-school activities due to COVID-19.

The Madison Metropolitan School District shared their preliminary plans for fall instruction to the public back in June. 

To view the full slideshow, click here.