MMSD kindergarteners receive free book bundles

MADISON, Wis. — Every kindergartner in the Madison Metropolitan School District will soon receive a special gift to celebrate reading all year long.

Over the next couple of weeks, each student will get a small library of their very own books that they can keep and bring home. MMSD received the books through a collaboration with the Madison Public Schools Foundation and the Madison Reading Project.

Program organizers said giving kids the opportunity to pick up reading when they’re young helps establish kids’ classroom success early on.

“When kids see that people are willing to come out and support them, they understand how important they are in the community; they understand that school is important and that their education is important,” Laurie Stensland, community partnerships director with the Madison Public Schools Foundation, said. “And it’s just fun for them.”

Funding for the project was provided by the Karen C. Ragatz Teacher Support Endowment Fund.

Mrs. Ragatz was a longtime MMSD educator, teaching English as a second language at Thoreau Elementary School. Each student’s book bundle will include multilingual books, a nod to Mrs. Ragatz’s teaching career.