MMSD asks for help with a long-range plan for future

MMSD asks for help with a long-range plan for future

Superintendent Jen Cheatham’s plans for the Madison School District are multi-layered and inter-connected.

Her roll-out of the Strategic Framework was a blueprint for how all schools will thrive and all students will be prepared for college, career and community. The next step is creating a vision for the future, a long-range vision that will give the Framework even more context. And that’s where you come in. Because that next step starts now.

Cheatham and her team want to create Vision 2030, the year children entering kindergarten next year will graduate from high school.

Who will those graduates be? What are our expectations for them? What knowledge and skills will they need? And what do we as a community do between now and then?

Cheatham will gather input from within the MMSD community at some 90 sessions over the next year. But she wants input from the broader community as well. And so do we.

There will be sessions in January and March, but the first is Tuesday at 6:30 at the Eastside Club. Please consider coming to help shape the future for our schools, our children and our community.