MMSD apologizes for teacher contracts with incorrect salary information

MADISON, Wis. — An error on teacher contracts is piling on to a list of grievances Madison Teachers Inc. has with the Madison Metropolitan School District.  

MMSD issued contracts to its teachers and support staff over the weekend with incorrect salary information for the 2022-2023 school year. The contracts mistakenly listed lower salaries than what staff members are currently making, MTI leaders claim. 

“Instead of showing that they are committed to staff, MMSD issued these bogus contracts without the expected step increase. After this year, each of these disrespectful actions nets a few more resignations as those on the edge decide they’ve had enough,” said MTI President Michael Jones in a statement.  

New contacts would be delivered by 8 p.m. Wednesday evening, according to MMSD’s Executive Director of Communications & Public Affairs Tim LeMonds.  

“Once we were made aware of this error, we quickly moved to resolve the issue and are currently working to reprint updated contracts,” LeMonds said. “We communicated this error to staff yesterday and apologized for any inconvenience or confusion it had caused,” he added.  

The corrected contracts will not include scheduled step increases, MTI leaders say are already budgeted and required by policy.  

The error compounds previous actions MTI has taken issue with, including the district’s COVID leave policy and employee bonuses.  

“(MMSD administration) appear more concerned with asserting authority over their employees regardless of what impact that is having on them, their students, or the district’s ability to properly staff our schools. This is not a recipe to rebuild the schools our students deserve following two years of the pandemic and significant turnover among staff and administration,” Jones said.