MLB player buys his mom her dream car after she quit smoking

A baseball player said he surprised his mom with a reward for quitting smoking and caught her priceless reaction on camera.

Free agent third basemen Josh Donaldson, who most recently played for the Atlanta Braves, said he made a deal with his mother — if she quit smoking he’d buy her a Maserati.

In an Instagram post, Donaldson said his mom held up her end of the bargain and hadn’t smoked in two years. Now it was his turn to make good on his promise.

And her reaction did not disappoint.

In the video posted by Donaldson to Instagram, he pulls into the driveway honking his horn to get his mom outside.

The white car topped with a red ribbon was met by screams of joy from mom.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screamed multiple times before jumping on her son and giving him a big hug.