Mixed Media: Art Paul Schlosser’s new cd all about duets

Wisconsin author writes historical fantasy novels
Mixed Media: Art Paul Schlosser’s new cd all about duets
Photo by Thomas Devillers

If the highest compliment one musician can pay another is to agree to make music with them, State Street busker Art Paul Schlosser has to be feeling a lot of love. On his full-length CD “We Duet Right,” released earlier this year, more than two dozen local musicians play and sing along with Schlosser on his mostly absurd, often tuneless, but always good-natured songs.

Schlosser says he’s put out 46 cassette tapes and CDs since he started singing, blowing a kazoo and strumming hard on an acoustic guitar on State Street 32 years ago. But he’s always had help with the recordings. For this latest project, Schlosser asked each guest artist “to come up with a way to record or dub their voice onto one of my songs.”

A who’s who of Madison musicians accepted his invitation. Among the many guest stars on “We Duet Right” are Lyndsay Evans, frontwoman for Sexy Esther (on “Be My Friend”); Bucky Pope, formerly of the punk band Tar Babies and now guitarist for Negative Example (on “I Will Come to the Wedding”); Biff Blumfumgagne of The Gomers (on “Before You Die”); and Stephanie Rearick of Ladyscissors (on “You Make Me Smile”).

Rearick says she picked that song to sing and play trumpet on “because I found it really charming.”

The youngest contributor, 12-year-old DJ Darren Chraplak, hosts a comedy music radio show in Northampton, Massachusetts. He can be heard overdubbed with Schlosser on the 48-second “Drink Milk Rap.”

“We Duet Right” is available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Author calls all cosplayers

Halloween partygoers and fans of young adult fantasy novels should enjoy “Wizards, Mages and Spells: A Costume Ball Reading,” at 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 31 at the Arts + Literature Laboratory. There, center stage and in costume, will be Cedarburg author M.K. Wiseman reading from her new novel “The Kithseeker,” the second installment in “The Bookminder” series.

Officially released by Xchylar Publishing in mid August at the inaugural ExpectoCon in Middleton, “The Kithseeker” is a young adult historical fantasy novel about a 17-year-old girl’s 17th century “magick” quest from Croatia to Versailles.

While Wiseman expected nearly all ExpectoCon attendees to cosplay (dress as their favorite fantasy characters), “it was sort of a short leap of logic to see if we could have a quirky let’s-all-dress-as-wizards reading” on All Hallow’s Eve. “It should be fun! I’m open to any and all wanting to come – even folks in ‘civvies.’ ”

“The Kithseeker” is a continuation of the story Wiseman introduced in her first book, “The Bookminder,” which won a 2017 OZMA Award, given to best in category fantasy novels, and designation as a 2017 New Apple Official Selection for independently published young adult fantasy.

*Editor’s Note: Mixed Media is a monthly series featuring a variety of arts and culture happenings in the Madison area.