Missing plane carrying Sun Prairie man found, no survivors

Victim's uncle: 'Now we know they didn't suffer'
Missing plane carrying Sun Prairie man found, no survivors
Amber Smith and Jonathan Norton

The wreckage of a small plane carrying five people that vanished in the central Idaho mountains on Dec. 1 has been found. Jonathan Norton of Sun Prairie was aboard the plane with his fiancee, Amber Smith. 

Norton’s uncle, Matt Dayton, told News 3 Saturday that the family was sad to learn Jonathan hadn’t survived but were thankful for those who searched for the plane. 

“Yesterday was bittersweet news,” Dayton said. “Most of us knew a few weeks ago there were no survivors but we didn’t know if they had suffered. Now we know they didn’t suffer, and that brings us some peace and closure.”

The single-engine plane was piloted by 51-year-old Dale Smith. Also on board were the elder Smith’s son, Daniel Smith and his wife, Sheree Smith.There were no survivors.

The plane was flying from eastern Oregon to Montana on Dec. 1 when it disappeared in mountains 150 miles northeast of Boise.

Authorities had suspended the search for the plane in mid-December.