Missing Ochsner Park Zoo owl spotted alive, uninjured near zoo

BARABOO, Wis. — A great-horned owl that was let loose from the Ochsner Park Zoo earlier this month was spotted near the zoo Monday.

Linda the owl is one of four animals that escaped after someone broke into the zoo and cut the locks on their habitats. The three other animals were found safe and are back in the zoo’s care.

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In a Facebook post Wednesday, Baraboo officials said that Linda was seen in a tree near the zoo’s new llama barn. She is getting weaker but still able to fly, so crews will have to wait until she is on the ground and unable to fly in order to capture her. She appears to be uninjured.

Officials said that it is unlikely that Linda will leave the area near the zoo, and that owls spotted in other parts of Baraboo are likely not her. However, residents who live near the zoo should call the police non-emergency line if they observe an owl on the ground.