Miracle Ear gives woman gift of sound

After a lifetime of hearing loss, Jayne Benne received a free pair of hearing aids through the Miracle Ear Foundation on Saturday.

Hearing loss began when Benne was 5 years old after a case of scarlet fever. However, Benne was in her 30s before she got her first pair of hearing aids.

Jayne has suffered from hearing loss since she was 5 years old. Today, she received a pair of hearing aids for free from Miracle Ear. Her reaction on #News3Now. pic.twitter.com/ydQQofa14G

— Gabriella Bachara (@GabbyBachara) September 21, 2019

“People would just make jokes, ‘Oh she has got selective hearing,’ and I started misunderstanding people and not doing things correctly like I was told, and so it became a real problem,” Benne said.

Hearing aids are very costly, ranging between about $1,000 and $8,000. Benne applied with the Miracle Ear Foundation to receive them for free.

With this new set of hearing aids, everything changes for the better.

“I didn’t know what I was missing. You don’t know until you have your eyes opened or your ears opened,” Benne said.

Bryan Grewer, a hearing instrument specialist at Miracle Ear, said the best part is seeing the change in his patients.

“It’s a lack of stimulation. So when we put the hearing aids in our patients’ ears, all of a sudden, their face lights up. It completely changes their life,” Grewer said.

Benne said it’s the everyday tasks, including having a conversation and watching TV that she is looking forward to most.

“Hearing is such a part of everyday life. We take advantage of it. And I won’t even know what I am missing until I am in the moment,” Benne said.

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