Minutes to Mindfulness at Dragonfly Hot Yoga

Focus tips from yoga instructor Bekah Grant
Minutes to Mindfulness at Dragonfly Hot Yoga
Courtesy of Dragonfly Hot Yoga
Dragonfly Hot Yoga

Mindfulness is, well, on our minds these days. So how can we be mindful during our day? We asked Dragonfly Hot Yoga instructor Bekah Gant for some tips on how to regain focus each day–and just a few minutes each day is all it takes.

Minutes to Mindfulness at Dragonfly Hot Yoga

We all tend to create morning habits: The order in which we put on our clothes or brush our teeth, the way we make coffee. Noticing those habits and celebrating them as our unique morning rituals adds an element of mindfulness.

Notice just the first taste of your morning coffee, tea, shake or beverage of choice. Let the liquid linger on your tongue. What sensations do you feel? What’s the temperature, heaviness, acidity or taste?

During the day, set a timer for one minute. Sit upright and simply notice your breath as you breathe in and out. End the minute with gratitude for the miracle of breath.

When leaving work, don’t look at your phone while walking to your car. Use those minutes to look around you, feel each step and be intentional about your movement.

Before bed, scan your body head to toe. Squeeze your muscles: forehead, jaw, shoulders, arms, fingers, belly, butt, thighs, toes–and relax each in turn for ultimate relaxation and awareness.

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