Minn. Senate gives Vikings stadium 2nd big victory

Vikings keep it close, then get blown out

For more than a decade the Minnesota Vikings have been pushing to break out of the Metrodome and into a shiny new home. Finally on the brink of getting a new $975 million stadium, the team faces a harsh reality. They’ll need to ante up more or walk away empty-handed.

The Minnesota Senate approved a plan to build a $975 million stadium for the Vikings Tuesday. The Senate vote came a day after the House approved its own stadium bill.

Team executives insist that the private contribution be capped at $427 million. But Minnesota lawmakers are now on record demanding that the Vikings and private partners foot a bigger share of construction costs. The extra request ranges from $25 million to $105 million in differing House and Senate versions.

Negotiators will likely wind up somewhere in between. Then it’s up to the Vikings to decide if they’re willing to pay more.

If both chambers pass the final product, the measure goes to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who has led the charge for a new stadium for months.

The Vikings have said they can’t make enough money in the 30-year-old Metrodome to compete.