Milwaukee temps break record for hottest summer

Average temperature was 74.1 degrees

If you thought this summer in southeastern Wisconsin was hotter than you’ve ever remembered, you’re right.

The National Weather Service said Milwaukee’s summer was the warmest on record. The agency defines meteorological summer as running from June 1 through Aug. 31.

This year, the average temperature during that period was 74.1 degrees. The previous record was 73.8 degrees, set in 1988 and matched in 1995.

Madison’s summer, by comparison, was the third hottest on record. The average temperature was 73.9 degrees.

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report said it wasn’t just the summers that were hot in both cities. The average temperature for all of 2012 through Friday was a record 55 degrees in both cities.

The hottest Milwaukee day this year was July 5, when temperatures hit 103 degrees.