Milwaukee men go above and beyond to fulfill dying Prairie du Sac man’s Christmas wish

Last week, Prairie du Sac resident Gene Weittenhiller shared his stage 4 pancreatic diagnosis with the world.

For his last Christmas wish, he asked for as many Christmas cards as possible.

When Milwaukee residents Markeith Powell, Marqwain Givhan and Earl Minley saw his story online, Minley said, “We took it upon ourselves to go out of our way two-and-a-half hours to see the smile on this man’s face. It was priceless.”

Powell, Given and Minley gathered the money in their pockets to buy cards and fill up their gas tank to drive to Prairie du Sac and hand-deliver their cards to Weittenhiller.

“We were nervous because we didn’t know if he was going to be there or not,” Givhan said. “We didn’t know if we were going to make a blank trip. But we cared about this man’s story so much that we were going to wait out there for an hour or two or three til they came back home. That’s how much we wanted to see him smile. That’s the truth.”

Lucky enough, Weittenhiller answered the door.

“We went up to the door. We knocked. We were nervous,” Minley said. “He (Powell) was like what should we do? What should we do? I’m like, ‘Bro, just be calm.’ So we knocked on the door and the smile on their faces, it was like they knew us already. They greeted us. They let us come right in. I was like, ‘Oh OK, alright!” We get in there, and he immediately hugged us. He hugged us and it was so crazy. It was like we were family already.”

Weittenhiller said, “It was an unbelievable experience that tugged at our heartstrings that these three young men had taken the time and the effort to drive over to personally deliver these letters.”

Minley said they hugged, talked and prayed together.

“It was like he had won a million dollars,” Minley said. “He was just so happy. He was like, ‘You guys are so beautiful.’ He kept saying that. He cried. He was so shocked. The same day we went, he got 3,000 cards in the mail.”

Weittenhiller said of the three men: “They’re just three tremendously kind, generous young men. They’ve been contacting my son about coming back to do a follow-up visit with us at some point. We would love to have them come back.”

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