Milwaukee mausoleum overrun by corpse flies

Corpse flies feed on decomposing bodies

A man who laid his mother to rest in a Milwaukee mausoleum two years ago said it’s being overrun by corpse flies.

Keith Tomaszewsky’s mother was interred in the Chapel of Angel and Light at Mount Olivet Cemetery. Within months, WISN-TV reported, he began noticing swarms of phorid flies, a gnat-like insect also known as corpse flies that feed on decomposing bodies.

He told the station he’s even witnessed a priest taking flies out of a chalice with his finger so he could continue serving communion.

He said he’s asked the archdiocese to fix the problem for 16 months.

Cemetery caretaker Tom Champa acknowledges the flies have gotten out of control. He said bug lights and ozone machines have been installed to kill them, and he’s ordered three more machines.