Milwaukee man receives ‘cease and desist’ order from Sen. Johnson

Milwaukee man receives ‘cease and desist’ order from Sen. Johnson
Ron Johnson

A Milwaukee man who acknowledges calling U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s office hundreds of times has received a “cease and desist” warning from Johnson’s staff.

Earl Good says the letter he recently received from Johnson’s office tells him to communicate only in writing and that he should stop making “unwarranted telephone calls and office visits.” Johnson’s staff warns that they will contact U.S. Capitol police if he fails to comply.

Good told WDJT-TV that he’s a registered Democrat and concerned citizen and started calling the Republican senator to voice his opinion after President Trump’s inauguration. Good admits he’s persistent and even called 83 times until someone picked up.

A spokesman for Johnson constituents are welcome and encouraged to contact the office with their concerns, regardless of political viewpoint.

“Unfortunately, very infrequently a pattern of inappropriate behavior emerges that crosses the bounds of decency and requires action to ensure the wellbeing of visitors to the office and staff.”

Johnson’s office said the letter to Good is only the second such letter that has been sent in two years.